Sunday, October 24, 2004

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... PLEASE!

My first post! If you don't count the test post that I deleted, that is... I thought I'd explain here why I created this blog, but then I changed my mind. It's boring, and I want to start writing about important stuff.

Usually I hate winters. Around here they are cold, long, dark and boring. Cars don't work properly because their engines or whatever are practically frozen and so on. But now, I have started to look forward to winter. It's weird and I'm not quite sure why that is. Every day I wake up I hope that there would be snow on the ground or at least that it would be so cold that it might snow later the day. And I've started to hum Christmas songs as well! I mean, it's October! Okay, the end of October, but still. The Christmas fever should hit you in the end of November the earliest, I think. But for some reason, listening to Christmas songs (in October!?!) makes me at least somewhat happy, so I'm not going to stop myself.

Also, it's my 18th birthday today. And now, my blog will also be born at this very same day. Happy birthday to us.


Blogger Mark said...

Thanks for your compliment on my photos! Check back often, I'm always putting new stuff up.

And about the snow; I'm looking forward to winter as well. Sure it sucks to drive in the snow, but I love it when it's snowing.

Take care, and have fun with your new blog.


1:47 pm

Blogger Martin said...

And a happy birthday to you, of course.


3:57 pm

Blogger Sebastian said...

Because I don't want to sound to negative, I'm not gonna tell you I truly, madly, deeply hate the winter!
Oops, just did!
Well, let me explain myself! Over here, winter is just not a thing we're looking forward to. Because Holland has an oceanic climate our winters are usually wet and windy, but not too cold. Our winters are, in my humble opinion, just nasty, awful, dreadful...just horrible.
And snow? I love snow! But not Dutch snow! It sucks...big time! It usually evaporates within seconds, and when it does hang around it only makes riding your bike or driving your car completely impossible.
I'm gonna stop, I'm only getting more depressed this way!

7:47 pm

Blogger saffice said...

I used to sing christmas songs in august! 2 years back I think... It was a busy year for me and I guess I was just hoping christmas would come soon... :D

4:02 pm


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