Monday, January 17, 2005

Daydream believer

Oh, the dreams that I see right before I wake up! Now I'm going to tell you about that dream where I saw my sort-of-crush. There was this big hotel that was turned into a nightclub, and everyone I have ever went to school with was there! Even this guy I have known since we were five but I haven't seen him in three years. Anyway, there was dancing, techno music, liquor, cigarette smoke and all that. I saw my crush, lets just call him Mr. Nice Posture, because the way he carries himself is so sexy and besides, I hate the word crush.

So, Nice Posture was dancing drunkenly on the floor with lots of other people, and I was drooling at him from the bar. Then my subconscious spat this greasy little skinny boy (who also goes to my school but is two years younger than me and has a girlfriend and a bad haircut) in front of me, and for some reason, we start kissing. Then some other random stuff happens, and I'm trying to find a bathroom or a bush or something because my bladder is about to explode in real life. My subconscious is yelling me to wake up and go pee, but I don't listen.

Suddenly it's the next day at the nightclub-hotel, and I'm sitting somewhere with that guy I've known since I was five, the greasy-skinny-bad-haircut boy (GSBHB) and some other guy. I'm trying to ignore GSBHB because I can't stand him. Out of nowhere Nice Posture walks in the picture and tells GSBHB to get the hell out of there and sits right next to me! At this point I'm thinking FINALLY I have a dream about someone I like and not one of those depressing sex dreams about some disgusting guy who can't get it up when we are about to get it on. Anyway, he looks at me, I look at him, a very romantic moment indeed. We shake hands (?) and he says it's a pity we didn't meet yesterday. I'm thinking what the fuck, who cares, we are here now, this is my dream, it's Sunday and I've got the hole day to dream about us.

Subconscious: Ok, seriously, you've been trying to keep that bladder from exploding since 3 am! Wake the fuck up, and go pee!

Me: No way. I'm in an nightclub sitting next to Nice Posture and I'm about to do nasty things with him.

Subconscious: Oh please, as if. Fine, stay in bed. I'll just order your brain to send a message to your bladder to let it all out. Then you'll officially be the weirdo of the family who wets her bed at the age of 18.

Me: Oh, fine. But only if you promise that I'll fall right back to sleep when I come back and Nice Posture will be right there where I left him.

Subconscious: Uh, yeah... ok. Whatever.

Needless to say, I didn't fell asleep again. Now I have to wait until I see another dream about him, because I'm too much of a pussy to do all those nasty thing with him in real life. But like I said, I rarely dream about those who I really like.

Yeah, and today before I woke up I saw a dream where I fought against David Carradine and Uma Thurman Kill Bill style and finally drove off with a tractor, but that's another story.


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