Sunday, January 16, 2005

The parents

When I woke up today I decided that I would write about this dream I had about my crush this morning, but I changed my mind. Besides, he's not really my crush. I just get this urge to lure him into some dark corner and press my body against his and start making out like there's no tomorrow when ever I see him, but that's all... Anyway, I'll write about it some other time, maybe.

I would just like to mention that I love my parents. Sure they have their flaws like all of us and they have the gift of driving me crazy every once in a while. Like that time when I was sitting in front of my computer minding my own business and dad just dropped by to mention that the radiation from the computer will melt my brain. It's nice to receive health advice from someone who has been smoking since he was fifteen and is a lung cancer patient waiting to happen. Anyway, still love them dearly.

Today they went dancing. On Sundays, there's this day-time-dance-thingy where old people go to dance. Yeah, so they're old, older than most parents with kids my age. But then again, I'm the youngest one of us children, and my eldest brother is thirty-something, so it's not like they have bunch of teenagers to worry about anymore. Except me, of course, but not for long (hopefully). My dad doesn't dance, so I assume that he just shoots the shit with his friends and drinks some booze. My mom on the other hand loves to dance. Lucky for her she's smoking hot for her age (fifty-something, has dark brown hair with about five grey hairs in there altogether, slim and fit and has apparently never suffered from cellulite), so lot's of men ask her to dance.

They enjoy these little Sunday afternoon dances, because they both get what they want: mom gets to dance and look gorgeous, dad gets to get a bit drunk and chat with his pals, mom gets happy and dad gets happy to see mom happy. And I get happy to see them happy. They forget their daily shitty things they have to deal with. Like mom, she gets depressed sometimes because she suffers from short-term memory loss, and dad has some ear problems, so it's best to talk to him so that he can read your lips because he's almost deaf. But when they go dancing, all that goes away.


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