Sunday, January 09, 2005

Riders on the storm

Funny thing happened. On Friday I had to drive to this nearby town to run some errands, and the weather was absolutely horrible. The roads were covered with this big fat layer of wet snow and it was raining. So, there I am, driving in the dark, shitting myself because the roads are so slippery and I can barely see because it's raining. I wasn't listening to the radio at that moment because I was afraid that it would distract me somehow, so to amuse myself I start to hum Riders on the Storm by The Doors. On the way back home I turn on the radio, and first song that is on is Snoop Doggs cover or remix or whatever of Riders on the storm. It made me smile for a while.

My sister came back from Egypt also on Friday. Apparently she had had all kinds of stomach problems over there and she gave me some great advice about traveling, such as: "don't ever go on trips alone, because when you get sick the other person can go and buy you medicine and clean water". I feel sorry for the man who went there with her.

By the way, I feel like my mystery guy has turned into a mystery stalker. Few days ago I got a message from him asking what I was doing, and I replied and so on. Then yesterday I got another message, and this time he asks me out on a date "or something". Considering I know nothing about this man (supposedly he is a man), and he (again, supposedly) knows nothing about me, I politely refused. In my head, I saw two possible scenarios that could've happened if I had said yes: like I mentioned in my earlier post, it could have turned out to resemble some sappy Meg Ryan movie, or if the guy had been some crazy stalker-rapist, it might have made a mediocre CSI episode. I think I won't be hearing from him again.

I should be studying math right now.

P.S. Hello to all of those who are reading this through Blog Explosion.


Blogger knickknacks said...

Hi there! :) Passing by from BE. It's certainly best to stay clear of that mystery person!

5:22 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh, think you made a good decision on your mystery person. Could have been scary.

Came in from BE. :)


9:51 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from BE!

I should be writing a paper right now. *sigh* Good luck with the math!


7:46 pm


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