Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful shoe fetish?

I've always found it hard to relate to women who are shoe'o'holics. I'm taller than average women, so my feet have felt the need to be proportional, which means that they are huge. Well, not weirdly huge, but again, bigger than average. So for me, finding pretty shoes, such as high heeled ones are extremely hard, because shops usually provide small, average and slightly-above-average size shoes. When I go shopping I look at all those gorgeous shoes, sigh heavily and wish I'd have the courage to cut my toes off so my feet would fit those shoes. But then again I wouldn't be a pretty sight in sandals.

This is one of the reasons I steer clear from shoe shops. The other reasons is that I'm financially limited (read: poor) most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate shoes (I even love the Manolo), I just hate that my size is rarely available, and when it is, the shoes are almost always ugly. But there are times when new and pretty shoes need to be bought, for parties and such, like graduation (which is upon me in two and a half weeks). So yesterday I decided that it was time for me to start the hunt of a fitting-and-hopefully-somewhat-appealing shoes.

Every time I go shopping I find myself cursing all those petite pretty women and their small shoe sizes, and this time was no different. I went from a shoe shop to another, but the biggest size those shops had to offer was one size too small for me. Again, my feet are not that big, even though it might sound like they are,so try to get rid off that mental image of huge hairy hobbit feet.

Anyway, just when I was about to give up and trying to convince myself that going to my graduation barefooted would be trendy, I saw them. They were high heeled sandals, there were two colors, black and white. I chose to admire the black ones, since they matched my dress better. I didn't even dare to dream that the shop would have those in my size, but still I very casually took a peek what sizes were available. To my surprise I found one pair that was my size, but nevertheless, the actual size of the shoe vary even if the number doesn't, so I wasn't going to go all gigglely squee until I'd tried them on. Ready to be disappointed and ashamed of my huge feet I cautiously slipped my foot in. Without much struggle I manage to get the shoe on. I slipped the other one on too, and walked towards the mirrors, and then it happened: angels began to sing their praises, dark clouds disappeared from the sky and the sun came out. I had found my first pair of pretty-with-heels-and-OMG-THEY-FIT shoes.

Now I can't get enough of them. I touch them, I put them on, I dream how super fantastic I look when I'm wearing them. Now I feel like I'm starting to understand Carrie a little bit more.


Blogger Wickwire said...

That was good reading! Glad you got the "Carrie" shoe high.

7:36 pm

Anonymous Beth said...

i'm a size 11, so i think i can relate. they definitely don't make pretty shoes for women who have big feet and a pretty large body (not fat, just larger than other girls) to go with it. so do tell... where did you get these shoes? can you post a pic?

8:26 pm

Anonymous Caithlin said...

I'm a size 11, and I think you might be my new best friend.

8:55 pm

Blogger Tania said...

The Manolo linked to you due to your post on your new shoes. Congrats! I have the opposite problem: feet so small that sometimes the only shoes I can find in my size have puffy vinyl pictures of Spongebob on them.

Just FYI, I don't know where you live, but a new store in New York just opened up devoted entirely to the girl with the big feet:

"If the only size-11 shoe at Barneys is sold out yet again, don’t fret. Elleven Up! (12 W. 57th St., nr. Fifth Ave., Ste. 1005; 212-757-2154), which opens May 15, stocks fashionable shoes from Delman, Stuart Weitzman, Jean-Michel Cazabat, and others in large sizes."

9:22 pm

Blogger Stacy said...

Welcome to the shoe fetish club!

3:07 am

Blogger Sleepy Girl said...

Five comments! That's got to be my record.

Beth, I was thinking about posting a pic with that post but my digital camera didn't like the idea. I'll try to get one in my next post.

Tania, thanks for recommending that shop, if I ever go to New York I'll definetly check it out.

10:13 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Followed the link from the Manolo and I can really relate to this comment. It's not just a US problem - I am British and one size bigger than the size most regular shoe shops here stock, while being one size too small for the shops which do larger size shoes.

Given that I can easily get clothes to fit me on the high street, it really puzzles me why shoe manufacturers do this - they must be missing out on sales. And like you say, it really puts you off shoe shopping when nearly every time you go home empty-handed! But how exciting when you finally get a pair that looks good!


6:09 pm

Anonymous Imelda Blahnik said...

I am one of the chosen people - yes, a size 6.5 or 7, so I do not feel your pain, though I sympathize. I do have an interesting tidbit to pass along, though. I recall during the 2000 Presidential campaign (about which the less said the better) reporters asked Karen Hughes - a tall woman with proportional feet - where she got such great shoes. Apparently, she does have great shoes. Her answer: she shops where the drag queens do! Brilliant, no? Of course, if you live in a humble, family-valuesish, small town in a red state, this information might not help you. Then again, she is from Texas.

8:32 pm

Anonymous christinam33 said...

Six feet tall, size 12er here. I feel your pain. And I've heard the thing about drag queen shoe stores before and I have yet to see a drag queen shoe store. YET, there is a store (that sells online, BTW) in Atlanta that was started by a WNBA star. It was mentioned on Oprah once. They sell large size designer shoes. I can't remember the name of it, I'm sure Google will help.

11:07 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,I am a guy.I don't know why,but I always found girls with big feet sexy and attractive.Anyone has the same feeling?

3:42 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too love huge feet. In my "warped" way of thinking, beautiful, sexy women are more than Barbie dolls (yawn, so boring). Some are over 40, some have huge feet, some have huge noses, some have flat chests, some have big saggy ones, some have crooked teeth, some have large bodies, etc. It's ALL good!

6:47 am

Blogger jon said...

I am looking everywhere for croc shoes and croc shoes, while doing so I somehow stumbled onto your croc shoes blog. I am happy to say I learned something and will look into this further...

Thanks for the great posts...


5:59 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

**big and tall**

10:42 pm

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