Tuesday, June 28, 2005


My first day at my summer job is over. Four more weeks to go. I work from Mondays to Saturdays, so on Sundays I'll sleep extremely late and try to recover from a possible hangover. It's not a glamorous job or anything like that, but I'll get some much needed money from it so I'll try not to complain. What exactly I do? I sell strawberries on a market.

It's a nice job, any idiot (which means I barely qualify) could do it plus you get to shoot the shit with strangers, mostly old ladies. Today wasn't a very busy day, it was cold and a bit windy and it started to rain at the end. That meant that I just stood there a lot, shivering in the cold while few people rushed by with no intention of buying anything.

All in all it was an okay day, didn't screw up much, hopefully. Afterwards I wasn't really tired and sales have began so I decided to go shopping a bit. Not that I really had any need of buying something, I just wanted to see what was out there and maybe try something on.

I went to a couple of shops, didn't really see anything I'd have liked, but kept on shopping. At this one place I found a couple of nice looking pants so I decided to try them on. I went to one of those tiny booths where you try the clothes on, but the pants didn't really look good on me, so I sighed and decided it was time to go home. Just when I was putting my own pants on, I noticed there was something yellow in the back of my jeans. As it turned out, there was this quite noticeable yellow sticker that had "attention!" written on it with big letters and then some other scribble with smaller letters. It was one of those stickers that are on new jeans (at least in H&M) that tell what size and style and whatnot the jeans are.

So this means I had a yellow sticker that read "attention!" on my ass all day, so that people who walked behind me from the parking lot to the market place, the customers in the market place plus a whole bunch of non-customers that just strolled by, and the people who I passed during my after-work-shopping-spree gave my backside some attention because, well, the sticker on my ass apparently demanded it. I wish I was fucking kidding. How could that happen, you may ask? Well I bought those jeans yesterday, so they were brand new and packed with stupid stickers and other new-jeans-crap that H&M likes to put on their clothes, those motherfuckers. This morning, before I put them on, I removed all those things, but obviously I had missed the yellow fucking "attention!" sticker.

Buuut, I'm sort of over this by now, because this is not the first embarrassing thing that has happened to me (there has been even worse than this), and this definitely wont be the last, so the best thing to do is just let it go. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'll make sure my ass will be attention free.